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Universum Group is a young and dynamic company created with the goal of providing full logistics solutions to our customers worldwide. We are not just a shipping company, we handle all the requirements from beginning to end of the import & export process all customized to your needs.

Our staff has over 10 years of experience handling all types of Logistics processes. All of our team members keep up with the industry requirements by attending regular trainings and getting the latest information of all the prospective changes and regulations.

LIMITATIONS IN LIABILITY & INSURANCE Regardless of any declared value for transportation, the liability of Universum Group shall be limited to US $100.00 (Dollars) per shipment for incidents including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, delay, mis-delivery, non-delivery, misinformation, any failure to provide information, or mis-delivery of information, or otherwise adversely affected, while shipment is in our possession or during pick-up and delivery. We recommend all cargo be insured as we cannot control what happens while cargo is in transit. Client is responsible for requesting us to insure shipment.

LIEN ON SHIPMENT Universum Group shall have a lien on any shipment/s, so long as the shipment/s remain in its possession, for all amounts due in connection with any shipment or service rendered. Universum Group lien may be enforced by public or private sale of the shipment/s, as whole or in parcels, at any time or place and in any terms, which are commercially reasonable, after notifying all persons known to Universum Group as claiming any interest in the shipment. Before any sale, a person claiming right in the shipments may pay the amount necessary to satisfy the lien and the reasonable expenses incurred in its enforcement.

Universum Group LLC may satisfy its lien from the proceeds of any sale and shall hold the balance, if any, or delivery on demand to the person entitled thereto. A Sale of any shipment pursuant to this Condition shall not discharge the shipper or consignee from any liability.

PAYMENTS All payments are due upon rendering of services and in some cases shipments have to be prepaid. For customer with open credit the terms are 30 days net. After that the account is considered past due and will be sent to legal department for further collection. Credit will be terminated after all balance is paid off.

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What our clients are saying

Purchasing Manager
Manufacturing Company

"In opening a new restaurant I needed to source some custom, very specific items as part of the overall theme and design. I found that dealing via the web with quality Chinese produces was far easier than I expected, and they were able to do things that I simply could not find available or affordable within the US market directly. Unfortunately the less simple part of the transaction was getting the goods into the US and from port to my location. That is where Universum Group was able to very effectively and seamlessly take over the process for me and ensure all required paperwork was completed and all costs were anticipated and managed. Universum Group was instrumental in ensuring quick, delay-free delivery of our goods and I would highly recommend them for any shipping assistance you may require, be it within the USA or internationally."

Restaurant Owner


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